Theme Park

THEME PARK FACILITIES: Roller coaster, Scooter, Ferris wheel, Bumper cars, Merry-go-round, Touring vehicles, Rope way, Robot, Karting, Turning and swinging facilities, Remote control devices, Hit game consoles, Fitness equipments, Inflatables, indoor & outdoor snow park


WATER PARK FACILITIES: Wave device, Water slides, Bumper boat, Yacht, Models, Fountains, Water treatment equipment,
Photoelectric equipment, Rafting


CHILDREN AMUSEMENT PARK  EQUIPMENT: Buggies, Battery cart, Swing car, Preschool education equipment, Children's park, Children's inflatables, Children's game frame, Swing, Swing chair, Turntable, Slides, Happy fort, Trampoline, Seesaw, Combination toys, Safety mat, Educational toys, Rocks-Off, Fun dazzle


GAMES : Game player, Slot machines, Electronic game consoles and peripherals, Simulator, Video game software


DYNAMIC EFFECT FILM: 3D/4D movie equipment, Water-screen movie equipment, Fog-screen movie equipment, Stage equipment, Special digital photographic equipment, Theater equipment, Special stereoscopic film projector, Special audio equipment


Others: Theme park software, Design and construction, Unpowered amusement facilities, Inflatable amusement equipment, Pool facilities, Museum& science center, VR