Disneyland raise price on tickets and annual passes

DISNEYLAND RAILROAD AT MAIN STREET STATION -- With its turn-of-the-century architecture and lush gardens, the Main Street station offers the first point of entry for those who wish to soak up the scenery on a grand circuit tour of Disneyland park aboard one of the trains of the Disneyland Railroad which run on bio-diesel fuel created from recycled cooking oil used throughout the Resort. (Scott Brinegar/Disneyland)

The Disneyland Resort in California raised prices across the board on tickets and annual passes this morning. The changes come 11 months after Disneyland's last prices increases and seven months after Disney tweaked its annual pass program to introduce park-specific blockout calendars.
Prices on multi-day tickets went up by about 6 to 7 percent, for both Park Hoppers and one-park-per-day tickets. On single-day tickets, the price increase percentage rose with expected attendance levels, with Value day tickets rising the least and Peak day tickets the most. But the biggest percentage price increases came on annual passes. Again, it'll cost you more in 2019 to visit the Disneyland theme parks on their busiest days.  Keep reading...